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Lapel Clip

Headset by Clarity Aloft®

Replacement lapel clip

Lapel Clip

Clarity Aloft® Aviation Headset

Price: $6.00

Replacement lapel clip


The Pro Plus is a powerful professional tool.  Using superior materials and tested design, this FAA TSO approved headset gives a pilot confidence in any aviation environment.

Learn More about Sound Clarity Advantage

Sound Clarity

The professional audio quality microphone and speakers are the foundation of accurate in-flight communication.

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All day, everyday performance. This headset will be the last thing on your mind, allowing you to focus on what really matters - aviating.

Learn More about Hearing Protection Advantage

Hearing Protection

Comply™ canal tips offer the unparalleled noise isolation that can protect your hearing. Past experience should not impact future performance and these can keep you in the air for years to come.

Headset Feature Matrix

Clarity Aloft® Features: Classic Link Pro Plus Flex
Dual Balanced Armature Speakers
29-47 dB Noise Reduction
Head Weight Under 2oz
Dual Electret Microphone
Left or Right Side Mic      
Music Input
Bluetooth Music & Phone Use      
Auto-mute Music      
No Batteries Required  
TSO Certification from FAA    
Adjustable Headband      
Fold-Flat Storage      
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