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Client Testimonials

I fly a T-6 Texan, one of the noisiest planes around. I highly recommend this headset to any open cockpit pilot.

David Pablo Cohn

"I’m from Portugal and I fly a regional jet aircraft which has an extremely noisy cockpit. I ordered a Clarity Aloft and I was blown away by the amount of noise it blocks out, the quality of the audio and the comfort they provide."

Ricardo Pereira

As a Bose user for many years, I was hesitant to try the Clarity Aloft headset, after all, “why fix it if it isn’t broke?” However, an engineer friend has been using the headset for years and touted its noise reduction capabilities. I thought I’d give it a try. On the first departure with the headset in my Decathlon (not known for low cabin noise levels) I had to keep scanning the engine instruments because I wasn’t immediately understanding why things were so quiet. Wow! It was really stunning. It’s much quieter and more comfortable than the Bose. I instruct aerobatics, unusual attitude recovery, spin training and tailwheel in the Decathlon, plus primary instruction in Cessna products. Having less weight on my head during acro is great. No more sore ears, no more sweaty head. Thanks for making a great headset.

Dan Rogers
Aero Enterprises, LLC

I currently work for an airline as First Officer and have been using the Clarity Aloft Headset for 4 years now. It is by far the BEST headset I have ever worn. I have owned both a David Clark and Bose Headset and neither compare to the Clarity Aloft Headset. Since I fly anywhere up to 6-7 hours a day I needed something comfortable, non-fatiguing, and light on my head. I use to even get headaches from the nice Bose Headset, but now with the Clarity Aloft if feels like I am wearing nothing and the headaches are gone! The Clarity Aloft Headset met all of my requirements and is the most comfortable headset selling on the market now. At first I did not think I would like ear buds, but the ones they make are super comfortable and keep things very quiet on the flight deck. I also appreciate their friendly customer service! They are always willing to help out and answer questions on anything! Furthermore, if you are tired of the "clamp headsets", I encourage you to purchase the Clarity Aloft product!

Brandon Sterenchuk
Airline Pilot

I have owned my Clarity Aloft headset for 2 months now and have used it for about 150 hours and I can easily say that it is the best, most comfortable headset I have ever worn. I am an airline pilot and my headset spends many hours on my head so comfort is my top priority. Not only is it the most comfortable headset I have worn, but the sound is the clearest of any I have used. I previously wore the Bose QC 15 with the UFly mike that many airline pilots wear and it was a good one, but it does not even come close to the Clarity Aloft. I also see many guys wearing the Telex headsets and they have to keep the volume turned up so loud to hear that I know they are not getting the hearing protection that I want in the cockpit. I do not even know I am wearing a headset after a few minutes with it on. Also, the in ear speaker with the foam tips are very comfortable and block out noise better than any noise cancelling headset that I have tried. I doubt you can come up with a better headset than the Clarity Aloft; but if you do please send me an email. Keep up the good work.

Larry Simpson Jr.

Hands down the best product I have ever used for flying! I am just blown away with the clarity and simplicity of use. I can't imagine going back to a pair of traditional headsets! Thanks a million for making my job easier!

Justin Sinclair
First Officer, US Airways Express Saab 340 Driver 

I initially came across Clarity Aloft at Oshkosh 2004. When I saw the unit I was very suspicious that a headset so light and comfortable could provide the level of noise protection required for flying a VERY noisy 360 HP radial engine powered aircraft. I remember saying to the sales person that I would pay for the unit and be back in a couple of hours after I had a chance to test it for a refund. Well I did return to the stand but not until Oshkosh 2005. I returned to inform Clarity Aloft that they were, in fact, correct and that the headset is superior to any other headset that I have owned, and I have had many. There are few cockpit environments noisier than an unlimited aerobatics Russian aircraft so, whatever you have, you will come back to Clarity Aloft to tell them what an awesome product they have when you get yours. Let Ebay be your guide see how many Bose headsets are used and for sale. Then try and find a used set of Clarity Aloft, enough said.

Gus Fraser
Acrobatic Pilot, Leonardo, NJ

I was a UH-60L Black hawk Crewchief/Doorgunner and Loadmaster for the United States Army for 8 years. In that time I completed 3 Tours of Duty with no injury to my crew of myself. We were lucky enough to use the CEP system that the Clarity Aloft headset uses for their headset… So with nearly 4000 hp, a huge rotor system, a machine gun chattering sometimes and countless other distractions I had to be able to hear my crewmembers say ‘he has a gun’ or ‘he is on the run.’ These along with countless other critical communications were clear and crisp through the CEP system. I was wearing the CEP system when my co-pilot said, ‘Missile three o’clock.’ Had I not been wearing my CEP’s and been able to react with my Army training, we may not have been here today. - ,

Brian Wallis
Formerly Spc Wallis (E-4P), US Army, UH-60L Blackhawk Crewchief, 10th Mountain Div.

The Clarity Aloft Aviation Headset I purchased, is exceptional in every way, shape, and form! Indeed, the headset is unbelievably lightweight, yet it has also proven to be outstandingly clear in regards to both spoken and heard ATC communications. After years of flying with heavy and burdensome headsets that are difficult to manipulate with regard to comfort, the Clarity Aloft Aviation Headset was nothing short of a revelation and a fantastic product that enhances my overall piloting experience. To top it all off, the customer service provided by Aloft Technologies is sensational. This is the first time I have ever been compelled to "write in" to a Manufacturer in regards to how satisfied a user I am, and shall remain! Thank you!!

David Fuhrer
Private Pilot KBED

This headset is clear as crystal. And, no more smashed hair, no more hot and sweaty head and ears, no more worries about which earrings I can and can't wear while flying, and no more batteries for the clunky, bothersome noise reduction box. I love my Clarity Aloft headset and would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a state-of-the-art, technologically sound, light, great headset!

Cindy Macrafic
Secretary, Southeastern Minnesota Flying Club

I have the distinction of flying one of the fastest twin turbo-props in the world, the Mitsubishi MU-2. It also is probably the noisiest airplane flying today. So, when I purchased you Clarity Aloft headset designed for ‘in the ear’ protection (and no ear muffs), I was pretty skeptical that they would do the job in my aircraft. I can tell you that after a year of flying with your headset, I would not fly with anything else. In addition to the excellent noise reduction, which is as good or better than the over the ear style, the sound quality and volume control from the ‘hearing aid’ speakers that are built in is superb.

Brian Curpier
President, Clipper Aviation Services, Inc.

In just over 23 hours of flying in the past week in my Mooney, the Clarity Aloft headset was far more comfortable than any other headset, of any type, that I have used. The result of using this headset is a noticeably more peaceful cabin environment, as well as better radio performance at far lower volume. My husband bought it for me for Christmas and it is the best gift he has ever given me.

Elaine Dernoga

I will never again use another over-the-head headset, even if it is a Bose or a Lightspeed. This headset works great in our King Air B200 and I even wear it in the Citation V where we usually use a Telex. Great job in the R&D department.

Johnny Kontoulas
Med Center Air

Every headset manufacturer promises to make your headset comfortable, lightweight, with excellent sound quality and noise attenuation. Heard that before? This one really delivers. After more than 20 hours of using the Clarity Aloft Headset in a variety of aircraft (Cessna 172, Beech Bonanza A36, Piper J3 and Super Cub) it’s become my headset of choice.

Jack Vandeventer
CFII, NAFI member, and Flight Specialist

One short test of the Clarity Aloft headset at their booth showed me that there was an alternative to earmuff style headsets that actually increased my ability to communicate in a safe, efficient and COMFORTABLE way! I've amassed over 250 hours in motor gliders, Cessna and Piper singles using my Clarity Aloft headset. The sound quality is excellent and the passive noise attenuation compares very favorably to even the best active noise attenuating headsets I've worn. Yes, I've tried a Bose X headset, and found that my Clarity Aloft headset sounded just as good, and was MUCH more comfortable to wear. When I first purchased the headset, I was concerned that after a long flight the earplugs may bother me somewhat. However after numerous flights of 4 to 5 hours in length, and even a few flights of 8 plus, I find that there is no sensation of discomfort at all. In fact, on occasion I've attempted to exit the aircraft after a flight while still wearing the headset, because I forgot that it was still on! I am as happy with the headset today as I was the first time I tried it.

Ward Burhanna
Private Pilot, ASEL, Glider

It seems that many new headsets are never tested in severe conditions. My environment is a Sukhoi SU26 at full power producing 126dB, +10 to –8 G’s, limited headroom, high heat, and the need to prevent cords and battery boxes from breaking off and getting tangled during an air show. Clarity Aloft was the biggest surprise of any headset I have ever tried. The design stays put during the wildest air show routines that can be done in a Sukhoi. The sound suppression with the comfortable ear tips is equal to Bose X’s. The mic is better in this high noise environment than anything else I’ve tried. I realize that I place demands that are at the extremes of the aviation market. Clarity Aloft has satisfied more of these demands than any others I have tried. My search is over."

Rick Volker
Rick Volker Air Shows

I have compared the Clarity Aloft Aviation Headsets extensively to the most expensive headsets on the market. I can unequivocally state that Clarity Alofts are the best you can buy and the best value available to pilots today.

Mark Wiggins

Contrary to popular belief, jets are not always quiet, and the noise is a much higher frequency than propeller driven aircraft. The clarity of communications in this environment has been tremendous. I am extremely happy with my Clarity Aloft Headset. Comfort is also important to me. The difference in comfort is amazing. With its nearly imperceptible weight, I never feel tired after a long leg or day. I pitch this headset to everyone that I fly with. Thanks again.

Captain James Hann
St. Louis, Missouri

I looked at the Clarity spec sheet – it really does a better job of reducing ambient sound in the speech frequencies. That’s exactly what I need for a clear transmission in talking with the Control Tower.

Jerry Marshall
Professional pilot  Aurora, CO

Until I got your headset in my hands, I not was sure a non-ear covered headset would work. I purchased one of your headsets and is by all standards he best headset I have ever used. My Cessna 310 is very loud inside and now the engine sound is down to a pleasant rumble and all the higher frequency noise is gone, it’s even better when I fly it in my bosses’ Cessna C425 Conquest The sounds you get from the intercom and radio transmissions are crystal clear and second to none. The mic has so little background noise its better than the mic on the Boss X10, and lastly the weight and comfort. I have never had this in any other headset I have used.

Ken Faulkner
Pilot/Director, XL Aviation, Jersey UK

I am a motion picture sound mixer and recreational pilot. I wear headphones as part of my job for a minimum of 12 hours a day, and have for over 30 years. About the last thing I want to do when I go flying is put on another head-clamp, um, I mean headset. I set about to build my own in-ear aviation headset when I discovered Clarity Alofts. I then realized I didn't need to build what had already been perfected. They sound great, are well built, and are comfortable beyond belief. Most importantly, they protect my most valuable asset for my work--my hearing. I absolutely love them and have recommended them to many friends. Thanks for such a great product.

Geoffrey Patterson
Winner Cinema Audio Society awards


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