Clarity Aloft® Aviation Headset

Price: $525.00

30 day Money Back Warranty

Product Description

The Classic features crystal clear stereo sound and robust noise reduction in an amazingly lightweight headset. It is in use in a wide variety of aviation environments including helicopters, aerobatic aircraft, ultralights, open-cockpit and radial engine planes.

Purchase also includes

6 pairs of medium tips, sample pairs of small and large tips, semi-rigid ballistic nylon carrying case, lapel clip, Quick Start Guide


Sound Clarity

Designed for accurate reproduction of sound, the microphone and speakers will make every communication clear and easily understood. Find technical specifications on the About Us page.


This is a headset you can wear all day. The flexible microphone boom, stainless steel low profile headband, and speakers with their soft foam canal tips all result in only 1.5 oz. of head weight.

Hearing Protection

The noise reduction of the canal tips keeps your hearing safe from the harmful auditory environment of any aircraft. All Clarity Aloft Aviation Headsets have the same impressive performance that is reported in the full attenuation data below and in the FAQ.

Passive Noise Attenuation Chart

Client Testimonial

I looked at the Clarity spec sheet – it really does a better job of reducing ambient sound in the speech frequencies. That’s exactly what I need for a clear transmission in talking with the Control Tower.

Jerry Marshall

Professional pilot  Aurora, CO

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Client Testimonial

Until I got your headset in my hands, I not was sure a non-ear covered headset would work. I purchased one of your headsets and is by all standards he best headset I have ever used. My Cessna 310 is very loud inside and now the engine sound is down to a pleasant rumble and all the higher frequency noise is gone, it’s even better when I fly it in my bosses’ Cessna C425 Conquest The sounds you get from the intercom and radio transmissions are crystal clear and second to none. The mic has so little background noise its better than the mic on the Boss X10, and lastly the weight and comfort. I have never had this in any other headset I have used.

Ken Faulkner

Pilot/Director, XL Aviation, Jersey UK

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  Classic Link Pro Plus Flex
Dual Balanced Armature Speakers
29-47 dB Noise Reduction
Head Weight Under 2oz
Dual Electret Microphone
Left or Right Side Mic      
Music Input
Bluetooth Music & Phone Use      
Auto-mute Music      
No Batteries Required  
TSO Certification from FAA    
Adjustable Headband      
Fold-Flat Storage